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Thermocoustic Test

1. Scope 


1.1 This test method determines the suitability for use in automobiles of sound deadening material by                    determining the amount of creep in a controlled 16 hour period and the amount of staining in a controlled       120 hour period.

1.2 Values Stated are in SI units.

1.3 This Standard does not address sound deadening performance of the material.


2.Summary of Test Method


2.1 A measured amount of material is to be placed on a 45* degree angle clean aluminum plate and allowed to sit at 80*C for 16 hours in an oven.


2.2 A measured amount of material is to be placed on a piece of 617 filter paper and aluminum plate and                 allowed to sit at 80* C for a period of 120 hours in an oven.


3.Significance and Use.


3.1 In order for sound deadening material to be suitable for an automotive application it must not creep over time. If product creeps or moves when exposed to heat, damage to valuable interior components can occur.


3.2 Sound deadening material must also be free of any staining effects as it will often be in direct contact with carpet or other fabrics.




4.1 Metal sheet equivalent surface with 15.1 x 7.5 cm or similar dimensions

4.2 Oven capable of maintaining a constant temperature of 80C

4.3 617 filter paper (commonly used in asphalt testing)

4.4 Solvent based cleaner

4.5 Masking tape



5.1 Obtain 2.8 x 2.8 cm square samples. At least four per batch of material being tested.



Prepare samples in a clean environment at room temperature ensuring samples will adhere properly to Metal Sheet




7.1 Inclined Plate Test

7.1.1 Clean two Q-panels with solvent.

7.1.2 Scribe lines 1 cm from the top edges of the panels to mark starting positions of the test samples.

7.1.3 Place samples on the panels ensuring the top edge of the sample is on the scribed line. See Figure 1.

7.1.4 Place panels in 80C oven at a 45⁰ angle.

7.1.5 Remove panels after 16 hours have elapsed.

7.1.6 If necessary panels may be heated in shift intervals.

7.1.7 If sample has slid over 1mm after a period 16 hours it is to be rejected.


7.2.Staining Test

7.2.1 Clean two Metal Sheet with solvent.

7.2.2 Fix filter paper to the panels using tape as shown in Figure 2.

7.2.3 Place samples on the center of the filter papers as shown in Figure 2.

7.2.4 Place panels in 80C oven in the horizontal position.

7.3.5 Remove panels after 120 hours has elapsed.

7.4.6 If necessary panels may be heated in shift intervals.

7.4.7 If any staining has occurred after 120 hours it is to be rejected




Figure 1: Test samples on panels after 16 Hours has elapsed. Left sample Pass. Right sample fail. Note visible scribed lines made from step 7.1.2.



Figure 2: Front side of stain test samples.




Figure 3: Backside of stain test after 120 hours. Left sample pass, Right sample fail.




A proper batch that is suitable for resale will not slide down the 45⁰ angle nor will it stain. Any noticeable slipping or staining is unacceptable.

Company Certifications

Number: LCS0905181368S
Issued By:LCS Testing Lab.
Standard:Test Report
Number: ZZ-06
Issued By:Lanbo
Number: C1/137214Q
Issued By:Certification International
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